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The following Frenchtown, RI (1686-1691) information and vital statistics is
listed for your reading enjoyment. Information below was from the NYG &BR and
from both Potter and Bairds book on Frenchtown, in addition to other sources.

September/October 1686 was the probable date the Huguenots arrived in RI.
Summer of 1691, Frenchtown was abandoned .

Married women were called by their single name when mentioned in church

Below data was as written .


5 December 1686-Aquille Kech, natural son of_____Kech and of Priscilla
18 August 1687-Pierre, son of thophitte fourestier and Jeanne Gouin.
9 October 1687-Pierre, son of Jean Coudret and of Marie Guitton.
30 October 1687-Marthe, daughter of Pierre Bonyot and Elizabeth
4 March 1688-francoise, daughter of Moyse le Moine and Jeanne drommeau.
2 September 1688-Josue, son of Josue David and of Marie Andebert.
23 September 1688-paul, son of paul Colin and of Marie germon.
23 September 1688-pierre, son of Issac girard and of Marie Robin.
16 January 1689-pierre and Magledelenne trauerie, children of Mr. Pierre
                           and Marie Arnaut.
3 February 1689-Jean beauchamps, son of Jean beauchamps and Marguerite billon.
23 March 1689-pierre, son of pierre faugere and anne Jolin.
7 April 1689-paul, son of ____ lambert and of Jeanne Couiombeau.
(illeg) April 1689-Ezechiel, son of pierre bonyot and Elizabeth
(illeg) September 1689-Pierre, son of moyse moine and Jeanne drommeau.
(illeg) October 1689-Marie Magdeline, daughter of Issac girard and Marie
(illeg) October 1689-pierre, son of Jean coudret and of Marie guion.
(illeg) March 1690-Marthe, daughter of paul Collin and Marie germon.
(illeg) March 1690- Marie, daughter of Jean Beauchamps and Marguerite billon.
(illeg) March 1990-Jael daughter of Issac girard and of Marie Robin.
(illeg) April 1690-Jean, son of Pierre Bonnyot and of Elizabeth
(illeg) November 1690-Jacob, son of Jacob ratier and Jael Arnaut.


(illeg)1 May 1687-Pierre Arnaut, about thirty-five years.
Today the ____ of July 1687-Marie Debou, aged about 43 years.
Today , 21 August-Issac Girard, aged about five months, son of Issac Girard
and of
                              Marie Robin.
Today, 20 December 1687-Jacques Ravard, aged about twenty-four years.
13 August 1689-Is born the son of pierre berton and died the 14th.
23 August 1689-Marie Carre, wife of pierre berton, aged about 30 years.
28 August 1689-Marthe bonyot, daughter of pierre bonyot.
13 December 1690-Marie Jamain, wife of Pierre Berton.
4 January 1691-Jean Bonyot, aged about twenty-two months.


23 September 1687-Josue David and Marie Audebert.
(illeg) April 1688-pierre trauerrier and Marie Arnaut.
(illeg) May 1688-pierre fougere and Anne Yolin.
(illeg) March 1689-Mr. Jacob Rattier and Jael Arnaut.

Compliments of Earl Clark Tourgee and his ever vigilant watch of various sources 12/27/04

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