Frenchtown, R.I - 1686

This map, 1686 Frenchtown, R.I., shows how the Huguenots had arranged their settlement and how each family had its equal share of land. The exact location of the French Huguenot settlement of 1686 in Narragansett Country, Rhode Island has never been exactly determined. As closely as can be explained it was bound on the north by Frenchtown Road, on the south near the Exeter town line, on the east by what is now South County Trail.



The price of the land was four shillings an acre in cash or twenty-five pounds for every one hundred acres, payable in three years with interest at 6% thereafter.  Each family was to have one hundred acres of upland if desired and a portion of meadow on the river.  Execue: Carre, the minister, was to have one hundred and fifty acres gratis: one hundred acres were assigned as glebe land and fifty acres to support a Protestant schoolmaster.  A town site was laid out for a compact settlement and forty-five families settled thereon, building a meeting house, a mill for grinding grain, and twenty-five houses.  Orchards of apples, grapes and honey locusts were planted, and mulberry preserves were planned for the production of silk.  (Information taken from  ‘The Star of La Rochelle’  being the true story of the life of Ester Leroy, wife of Gabriel Bernon 1652-1710 by Elizabeth Nicholson White, printed in Providence 1930. )

Piere Tourjee married Mary Smith in North Kingstown, R.I.
Where were they for those missing 35years? Was Peter the Jr. referred to on he settlement map? Was he farming on Prudence Island, RI as is speculated?. 

If you have any information to contribute  to my on going quest, or if you are a descendant and have a connection to this family please write.   

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